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Our Chartreux Cat Breeding -
Thoughts of Breeding

The size of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how they treat the animals. - Mahatma Gandhi -

Our breeding aim is to get the Chartreux in theirs original and naturalness.

We pay very much attention to good family trees from old and new lines. Too closely bred lines mean an always small growing gene pool and with it too high intermarriage values. Our aim is to contribute by considered and conscientiously planned mating to the promotion and pure preservation of the race of Chartreux cats.

Katzenmama Gusti

Because of love to the race of the Chartreux we put big value on the naturalness, the nature, the character and on the health of the animals. We put less value on the show type. Of course we pay a lot of attention to the race standard, but by the given rules. Our cats are „pure Chartreux " - the national cat of France.

Our cats get their routine health check, as well as their complete vaccination protection, deworming’s. Our cats get their animal species care from the veterinarian team of Dr. vet. Michael Götz at Rastatt. Transparence in our breeding is important to us. So there is no mating without blood typing.

Our breeding cats are virological and serological tested with negative findings. Regularly examinations on endoparasiten and giradien take place. Our breeding cats have a genetic fingerprint.

As family members they are well protected and we keep always an eye on them. They live we us at our house and are protected from external danger. If they like they can stay on a cat net protected terasse.