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Chartreux, the beautiful French

Who are we...

a cattery in town Sessenheim , a village in Alsace (France), about 40 km from Strasbourg and 12 km from river Rhine, the natural border to Germany. The village was specially known as the place where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe met his love Friederike Brion , a Reverend’s daughter, which made of it a pilgrimage site for Goethe followers.
Since early of the 80s we love the Chartreux, rare in Germany but a very old and independent French race of domestic cats. Chartreux, the beautiful French, or “La belle Française” has specific race and fix genetic characteristics. The Chartreux differs clearly from other short haired blue cats. In the Franco phonic area the definition is Chartreux. In Germany they are called Kartaeuser and in Italy they are called Certosino. Our Chartreux are very special for us and that is why we breed in small scale. These pages about our cattery are dedicated to cat lovers and those who want to become some, to give them the opportunity to get introduced to the race of the marvellous Chartreux. You will find information about the character, the physical appearance, standards and many pictures of this very old and rare race of French cats. This site was also created to clarify the misunderstanding concerning the name of these cats, Chartreux. Our cats, the Chartreux, is an independent race and has nothing to do with the Karthaeuser with «h» or the British shorthair blue, race code BRI.

The Britsh Blue is a little Teddy baer, but a Chartreux is an Chartreux (quotation of an international judge) | Zum Seitenanfang